Garden borders

How to take care of the garden

Observing a field in the open countryside always reserves pleasant surprises at different times of the year: completely yellow rapeseed plots can alternate with large patches of poppies, or leave room for a multicolored palette of different varieties of wild flowers.
A different but not less intense fascination can be found in the domestic gardens where the creative freedom of nature is replaced by a spatial and chromatic organization that becomes in itself part of the architectural style of the building.
Here, white paths of gravel or porphyry lead to the doorstep, paths that make their way into the intense green of the grass, delicately decorated with flowers of different shapes and colors.
Small or large, the home garden needs to be treated with great care so as not to convey a feeling of neglect.

The garden borders

If you love rigor and the rational order of spaces, a solution to delimit paths and flowerbeds in your garden is the use of borders.
The borders are made up of elements with the function of delimiting small areas in the green destined to host floral species, or to create the outline for paths and paths.
A small overview of garden products for making borders is available in Verdelook, a company that has extensive experience in the field of gardening equipment.

Garden borders: The types of borders

The types of borders to choose from are different depending on the materials used to make them: wood, plastic, tuff, wrought iron, stones, etc. The choice depends on the aesthetic effect you want to achieve.
Wooden borders, for example, can be purchased in jointed rolls, ideal for delimiting hedges and flower beds giving them any shape. The treatment to which the wood is subjected makes the product resistant to atmospheric agents.
The plastic borders can be made with a mesh or they can be made of a corrugated panel with a containment as well as separation function. The plastic material, in general, is treated to resist wear and atmospheric agents. These types of borders have the advantage of being very light and flexible.
A particular variant of the plastic border is the one that reproduces a wrought iron decoration. Made of rigid plastic unalterable over time, the antique coloring makes it elegant and refined, for an aesthetic result of great effect. It consists of practical interlocking modules that allow you to delimit flower beds and paths with great style, with the advantage of being very light and easy to apply.
The tuff and pebble borders, on the other hand, are made by placing the individual elements in the desired shape.
Whatever your preference, garden borders will best enhance the beauty of the flowers in your green corner.
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